Our story


VDM The Label is an Australian swimwear brand designed for those who chase the sun, seek adventures, and revel in the idea of endless youth.


Inspired by minimalist silhouettes, fun and lively prints, and the nostalgic embrace of summer days, VDM is more than swimwear; it's a catalyst for confidence.


Driven to produce unique pieces not yet seen in the market, VDM has garnered international recognition as one of the first and only brands to offer sustainable and reversible swimwear. This unique approach positions VDM at the forefront of the swimwear industry, setting the stage for a collective shift towards more responsible and conscientious choices.


"It's truly exceptional to be a part of the magical memories in the lives of so many girls while inspiring positive change — whether they're exploring the world or enjoying summer nights with friends. With VDM, no summer moment goes wasted.” Allanah VDM