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At VDM, we believe in high-quality designs, ethical trading, and sustainability. That’s why we make our swimwear from recycled ocean nets, water bottles, and other consumer products that don’t harm the environment.

And we’re proud of our reputation for creating sustainable swimwear in Australia for women who want their commitment to great style recognised.
We’re changing the world one impossibly gorgeous bikini at a time. Fashion is currently the second largest polluter in the world behind oil. But we’re showing you that quality swimwear made in Australia and ethical, eco-friendly trade practices can co-exist in harmony.

We focus on designing high quality, high-end fashion that is affordable and ethical, and while improving our environmental footprint, life cycle assessments and carbon footprint, and using sustainable materials. In fact, each VDM The Label bikini uses approximately 10 recycled plastic bottles!

We also use 100% Eco-Rayon in our resort wear, a sustainable fabric made from wood cellulose grown in fair-trade forests with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification for socially and environmentally responsible practices.

And our solid colour swimsuits are made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon fabric using 100% waste material, including fishing line, fabric scraps, carpet and industrial plastics recovered from landfills and oceans across the world. Read more about our sustainable practices here.

Wearing our swimwear, you’ll feel fantastic knowing you’re contributing positively towards a healthier and happier world (and you’ll look awesome at the beach or at the pool, too).

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